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Second Hand hyperbaric chamber for sale - Atlantahyperbariccenter

 There are many advantages to shopping for a used hyperbaric chamber in your healthcare facility or domestic, however, you are probably involved approximately the high-satisfactory of an older version. Fortunately, our specialists are right here that will help you make a knowledgeable buy and pick a version this is proper for you.

We are one of the country’s pinnacle hyperbaric chamber providers because of our lower-priced charges, exquisite aid, and high-satisfactory protection offerings. We companion with doctors, hospitals, healthcare facilities, and man or woman sufferers to provide the pinnacle hyperbaric chamber offerings withinside the country.

Why Invest in a Hyperbaric Chamber?

Hyperbaric chambers provide an extensive variety of advantages and might help in treating wounds, carbon monoxide poisoning, air and fueloline bubbles in veins, burns, infections, and greater. They also are turning into an increasing number of famous athletes who use them as a useful resources in restoration after accidents and every day put on and tear.

Because they will help in an extensive variety of treatments, they're an amazing addition to many healthcare practices and can also be prescribed for domestic use for positive continual situations that require long-time period of care. If you're a healthcare issuer or your healthcare issuer feels which you might gain from a hyperbaric chamber in your house, experience unfastened to attain out with any questions.

What Is a Hyperbaric Chamber?

A hyperbaric chamber is a tool this is used to offer hyperbaric oxygen remedies or HBOT remedies. This remedy is designed to assist ship greater oxygen in your muscles, organs, and different frame elements to sell healing.

They had been at the start created to assist scuba divers getting over compression illness and are absolutely enclosed so the affected person can breathe in 100% natural oxygen at a better than regular air pressure. These gadgets are massive sufficient to sit, stand or doubtlessly even sleep in, relying on the version and your remedy wishes. Some are even designed for 2 humans.

Benefits of Buying a Used Hyperbaric Chamber

There are many advantages to shopping for a used hyperbaric chamber rather than a brand new version. Many of the fashions we feature were gently used and are nonetheless in amazing circumstances. Used hyperbaric chamber charges are frequently a great deal decrease than more recent fashions however nonetheless keep their cost fairly well.

At Atlanta Hyperbaric Center, we paintings difficult to make certain that your unit is introduced in ideal running circumstances and provide a two-yr guarantee on all of the fashions we promote. This permits you to shop for a hyperbaric chamber with confidence.

Should I Buy a New or Used Hyperbaric Chamber

You can be questioning whether or not to buy a brand new or used hyperbaric chamber for your house or practice. That solution can be distinct relying on what your wishes are. Some matters to recall are use, version, and style. If there's a selected version you need or maybe a selected design, you could need to recall one of the new fashions we feature.

However, in case you actually want a high-satisfactory unit for private or mild use, it would make feeling to get certainly considered one among our recertified, pre-owned gadgets. Hyperbaric oxygen chamber charges range substantially, however, used gadgets have a tendency to be a great deal decrease, permitting your price range to head further.

What to Consider When Choosing a Unit

A hyperbaric chamber may be giant funding of restricted resources. That is why we advocate doing in-intensity studies on every one of the gadgets you're looking at to make certain that it suits your wishes.

You will need to recall how you plan to apply your unit, the scale of the unit, the records of the unit, and the credibility of the seller. We do now no longer advocate selecting a personal seller, due to the fact there's no manner to affirm the unit’s protection or records. Never buy a unit until you've got got a validated document of its records.

All Our Used Hyperbaric Chambers Are Recertified

While you are probably tempted to shop for a unit from a 3rd party, a personal seller, in particular, if it's miles supposed for domestic use, this isn't a nice idea. Not simplest can those gadgets be non-functional, however they also can be dangerous. That is why it's so crucial to shop for a unit from a good distributor so that you comprehend it has been inspected via way of means of a skilled technician.

When you pick a expert hyperbaric chamber distributor just like the group at Atlanta Hyperbaric Center, you already know that we've got taken each degree to make certain that your unit is secure and in running circumstance.

Each of the pre-owned fashions we promote is recertified, this means that it has gone through an in-intensity inspection procedure designed to make certain right functions. This is executed in your protection and peace of mind so that you won’t fear approximately prematurely protection costs.

Our In-Depth 21-Point Inspection

There are many running elements that move into hyperbaric chambers, and we're devoted to ensuring that every component is functioning well and absolutely maintained earlier than we promote it to our clients. Our 21-factor inspections study all factors of your new unit, together with windows, zipper, valves, welds, and different components. If a unit fails our inspection, we don’t provide it for sale.

Learn More About Our Hyperbaric Chamber Rentals

In addition to our used hyperbaric income, we additionally provide lower-priced quick and long-time period leases. These leases include professional aid and steering so that you can maximize the advantages you get hold of out of your unit. Chamber leases are perfect for folks who don’t want a system completely and don’t need to fear approximately reselling or recycling their unit after they now no longer want it.

Discover the Innovative Features Our Models Offer

Each of the fashions we provide has modern consolation and protection capabilities, eleven though those capabilities range from version to version. While a number of our older gadgets might not provide all of the bells and whistles that more recent fashions include, they're all long-lasting and constructed to last. Here are a number of your options:

Wide Selection of Sizes

Because they're designed to be absolutely enclosed and accommodate adults, those gadgets may be pretty massive. We provide an extensive variety of fashions designed to match any area and provide designated specs for every unit.

Standing Units

These gadgets are designed to be tall sufficient for you or your affected person to face and are fantastic for areas that may not be capable of matching different gadgets. They are ideal for domestic use or places of work wherein the area is restricted.

Chambers for Sleeping

Depending on your wishes, you would possibly need to put money into a chamber that permits you or your affected person to be absolutely reclined and sleeping. This will rely on your method to remedy or your restoration goals.

Multi-Person Units

These massive chambers are designed to match one or greater adults and may be perfect for plenty healthcare practices. While they're pretty massive, we will let you make certain that your new multi-character unit will match your area.

Portable Hyperbaric Chambers

Hyperbaric oxygen chambers aren't designed to be mild. That is why a lot of our fashions are designed to be portable, so that you can shipping them round your workplace with ease. Ask an income consultant which gadgets provide the most mobility.

Home Hyperbaric Chambers

While you want a prescription to shop for a hyperbaric oxygen chamber, your healthcare issuer can also additionally urge you to buy one for in-domestic use. Many of our fashions are perfect for secure domestic use, and we're continually right here to help you to your decision.

Wheelchair Accessible Models

Some of the fashions we feature are wheelchair accessible, which is good for humans who've mobility obstacles and might not be capable of effortlessly get inside and outside of a number of our different gadgets.

Advanced Safety Features

Because natural oxygen is pretty flammable, protection is essential. In addition to all of the sturdy protection capabilities, our gadgets provide, we additionally offer an unfastened online hyperbaric protection education direction to make certain that you recognize a way to use your unit correctly.

What Do Our Used Hyperbaric Chambers Include?

Our hyperbaric oxygen chambers now no longer simplest include a slew of fantastic capabilities, however, additionally, they include pinnacle-tier aid from HBOT professional Dr. Louis Hilliard. Whenever you purchase certainly considered one among our new or used fashions, you get a complimentary achievement training and fitness screening name to make certain which you are snug together along with your new unit.

About Our In-House Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy Specialist

Dr. Louis Hilliard is one of the country’s main hyperbaric oxygen specialists. He brings years of enjoy to Atlanta Hyperbaric Center and is devoted to supporting every of our clients get the aid they want to apply our machines adequately and well.

Who Can Purchase a Hyperbaric Chamber?

Because that is a regulated scientific tool, you'll want a prescription to buy a domestic hyperbaric chamber. If you agree with which you have a circumstance that would gain from the usage of the sort of chambers, attain out in your scientific issuer as quickly as feasible to discover if it's miles proper for you.

hyperbaric chambers for sale


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